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Average Weight Loss From Water Fasting

By Trimwell, April 22, 2022

Water Fasting Average Weight Loss

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If you have decided to give Water Fasting a try, you might be wondering what the average weight loss is. There are a few things to remember when determining the average weight loss from water fasting. While fasting can result in a rapid loss of weight, it’s important to keep in mind that your body is not built to lose weight quickly, so you’ll need to plan your diet carefully. Water fasting may be a good option for someone who’s looking to lose weight without a drastic diet change.

It’s important to remember that water fasting requires you to replenish the body after your fast. If you’re doing this for religious or health reasons, make sure you consult your physician before beginning. Also, make sure you drink enough water so that you don’t get dehydrated. Men need at least 3.7 liters of water each day, and women need about two and a half liters. If you can’t avoid drinking too much water during your fast, you can always add fruits to it – just be sure to include them in your smoothie.

When fasting for 24 hours, you’ll lose non-water weight – most of which is body fat. In fact, one study showed that people lose 90 percent of fat when they do a water fast. In comparison, if you reduce your calories slowly, you can expect to lose only 75 percent of fat. If you’ve tried intermittent fasting, you’ll likely want to try water fasting as well.


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