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Average Weight Loss With Water Fasting

By Trimwell, March 14, 2022

While the average water fast can lose up to five pounds in the first week, there are some caveats. Although it is a great way to lose weight quickly, this diet will also lower your blood pressure. People with certain conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, should not engage in long-term water fasts. Instead, they should consult with a healthcare provider to learn more about other options. A well-planned and well-executed water-only diet can help you lose weight safely and without suffering any unwanted side effects.

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Water Fasting Average Weight Loss

The benefits of water fasting include an increase in the rate of metabolism, a decrease in body fat, and an increased life span. Despite its many health benefits, this diet does not follow USDA guidelines for long-term weight loss. Aside from causing severe health risks, this method is not sustainable for long-term weight management. Because the majority of the weight lost is water, it is not sustainable for long-term weight management in most cases.

While water fasting is an effective way to lose weight, it is important to follow instructions carefully. Some people may feel weak, dizzy, or weak. If you do decide to fast, be sure to avoid driving or heavy machinery. Moreover, a large meal right afterward could cause uncomfortable symptoms. Therefore, it is best to begin by introducing small meals. Over time, you can gradually introduce larger meals. But remember, if you do not do this correctly, you might suffer from refeeding syndrome, which can be fatal.


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