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Break Through the Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss Plateau

By Trimwell, April 7, 2022

Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss Plateau

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What Can You Do to Break Through the Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss Platforme? If you’re having trouble losing weight, you might consider alternate-day fasting. This method of dieting requires you to eat three meals per day, but it may be hard to adjust after a plateau has set in. To overcome the plateau, you can change your diet or try alternate-day fasting.

The trick is to switch your diet to incorporate more nutrient-dense foods. Instead of eating processed foods, which contain simple carbohydrates, try replacing them with nutrient-dense foods that have a wide range of nutrients. These include macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrate), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), and fiber. You should also include indigestible carbohydrates, such as fiber.

The main reason you may be hitting a plateau is because you’ve already lost a substantial amount of weight. Your body will have to adjust to its new weight, which can take several weeks to get over. This is why it’s important to change your eating schedule and journal your progress. A new routine will jump-start your body’s metabolism and help you overcome the weight loss plateau. It will be easier for you to shed the excess pounds when you combine intermittent fasting with dieting.

Another common problem with intermittent fasting is overeating during the eating window. In order to make this strategy sustainable, you need to follow a healthy diet and exercise. Cutting calories alone will not get you anywhere. If you skip exercise, you’re likely to gain back the weight you lost. The best way to avoid this is to incorporate low-calorie workouts and resistance training. However, intermittent fasting does have its limitations.


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