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Can You Gain Weight by Intermittent Fasting?

By Trimwell, April 21, 2022

Can You Gain Weight by Intermittent Fasting

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Are you interested in trying out the intermittent fasting diet? It involves dividing your day into eating and fasting periods with a certain amount of time in between. Basically, you fast for sixteen or twenty-four hours between meals and consume 500-600 calories on the other days. Since intermittent fasting involves reducing your caloric intake, it’s expected to help you lose weight. But can you gain weight by intermittent fasting? Read on to learn how to get the most benefit from it!

The weight-loss and fat-burning mechanisms of Intermittent Fasting are complicated. The body has to adapt to the eating window, resulting in a shift in metabolic switching. This switch causes the body to use fat as its primary energy source instead of sugar. Consequently, the weight loss and weight gain are not mutually exclusive. Intermittent fasting causes significant sugar cravings, so it’s important to consider the risks associated with it before starting the diet.

A common mistake made by intermittent fasters is that they restrict their diets. While they’re technically not limiting their diets, their meals may be low in calories. This could make weight gain slow. The best way to get more results is to change your meal plan. Avoid sugary foods that raise your blood sugar. They may also reduce your insulin sensitivity. This will make it easier for your body to burn fat.


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