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Can You Lose Weight by Fasting For a Month?

By Trimwell, March 10, 2022

Many people wonder if fasting is effective for weight loss. There are several ways to fast and lose weight, and one popular method is called intermittent fasting. During this time, your body will have to burn fat and regain its water content. If you’ve never tried fasting before, read this article for a quick overview of the diet. There are no hard andfast rules to follow when doing this diet.

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Can You Lose Weight by Fasting for a Month

In one study, Varady and his team discovered that people who fasted for a month lost two to six kilograms. They also lost an average of three inches. The group that didn’t fast had significantly lower systolic blood pressure than those who didn’t. The sample size was small, but participants were well-rested and experienced no side effects.

A month’s worth of fasting will only give you results if you are willing to commit to the fast. The non-water weight you lose is largely your body fat. In the study, Varady and his colleagues found that people lost up to ninety per cent of their fat, compared to 75 per cent for those who reduced their intake slowly. But even if you’re able to stick to the diet plan for a month, you’ll need to ensure you’re drinking enough water to remain healthy and lose weight.


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