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Could Fasting Help Me Lose Weight?

By Trimwell, April 9, 2022

Could Fasting Help Me Lose Weight? It may seem like an odd diet plan, but some people have reported great results on this program. The author, Amanda Hamilton, has helped thousands of people lose weight and gain confidence in their bodies. In Eat, Fast, Slim, she shares all of her advice, including more than 100 recipes. The book combines healthy eating plans with fasting benefits to improve your health. It can slow down the aging process and boost your energy levels.

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The original paleo diet stresses consuming foods rich in nutrients during the feast and underfeed stages. Many people today overeat high-fat, calorie-dense foods, and miss out on the nutritional value of these foods. To avoid this, consider slowing down your fasting period by incorporating it into your daily schedule. During the underfeeding phase, your body needs a large amount of “live” food, like fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a small amount of protein. Avoid grains and pasteurized foods.

Intermittent fasting will also improve your relationship with food. It will make you aware of your true hunger levels. Instead of snacking out of habit, boredom, or stress, you will feel genuine hunger. On the other hand, intermittent fasting may make you crave food more often, which can undermine your weight loss efforts. During your eating windows, try to eat a balanced meal. Too much protein will make you crave food.


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