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Does Fasting Every Other Day Help Lose Weight?

By Trimwell, May 25, 2022

Does Fasting Every Other Day Help Lose Weight

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When fasting every other day, a person is consuming a fifth of their normal daily calorie intake. Normally, women need about 2,000 calories a day, and men need around 2,500. Hence, on the fasting day, they are limited to 400 or 500 calories. However, this calorie restriction should be met in another way. Those who are heavier should eat more calories to maintain the weight.

One study showed that mice that fasted every other day increased their appetite and binge eating. Despite of their decreased calorie intake, they still went on to binge on food on feast days. This explains why alternate day fasting failed to reduce the mice’s weight. In contrast, mice that regularly ate on their feast days actually lost weight. They simply ate the calories that they saved by fasting.

In fact, alternate day fasting has numerous benefits for people. It improves cardiovascular health, reduces LDL cholesterol and boosts the immune system. However, it is not recommended for everyone. A medical professional will not recommend it to you. Rather, they will suggest other methods to achieve the desired weight and health goals. Fasting every other day is a safe and healthy way to lose weight. So, try it!

One study found that alternate-day fasting led to weight loss in healthy people. In this study, 60 volunteers consumed unrestricted food for 12 hours on one day and fasted for 36 hours on the other. The subjects reduced their weekly calorie intake by 37% and lost 3.5 kilograms (7.3 pounds). Moreover, they also showed a change in their heart disease risk factors. So, if you’re wondering if it’s worth trying it, try it and let us know what happens!


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