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Does Fasting Every Other Day Help Lose Weight?

By Trimwell, February 11, 2022

Does Fasting Every Other Day Help Lose Body Weight? This is the most commonly asked question among dieters. It is not entirely clear what benefits this practice provides. While many people believe alternate-day fasting improves cardiovascular health and lowers LDL cholesterol, studies have yet to prove these claims. There is also some controversy over the safety and effectiveness of this practice. It’s best to speak to a certified nutritionist before starting this diet.

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Does Fasting Every Other Day Help Lose Weight

To begin, fasting requires some careful planning. To begin, you must set a daily calorie intake limit. This can be as low as 500 calories per day, depending on the duration of the fast. A late-afternoon meal is recommended for most people, while some individuals prefer to have one small meal during the day and a larger one at night. When trying an alternate-day fast, you should follow your body’s cues and listen to your hunger signals.

Another benefit of the alternate-day diet is that it allows you to eat more than usual. The resulting insulin levels will be lower and your body will be more sensitive to the hormone. It is also beneficial for those suffering from high blood sugar, diabetes, and epilepsy. Although the plan does not guarantee weight loss, it can improve your health. If you can keep yourself healthy and happy during the fast, you can expect to lose a significant amount of weight in a short time.


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