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Does Fasting For a Day Lose Weight?

By Trimwell, March 14, 2022

The question of “Does Fasting for a Day Lose Weight” is one of the most interesting in modern nutrition and obesity research. Studies show that fasting can have a dramatic impact on health, triggering a change in metabolism from sugar to fat. During a day-long fast, the body burns up to ninety per cent of its fat stores. This is significantly more than what we would usually experience when reducing our caloric intake.

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Does Fasting for a Day Lose Weight

A fasting diet works by making you stop eating at dinner on a given day, and then eat your last meal two days later. For example, if you are on a two-day fast, the last meal you ate was on Wednesday night, and the first meal of the following day is on Friday. In this example, your body will have had 10 to twelve hours to digest the last meal, and will be ready for the next meal on Thursday morning.

Although a day-long fast is not recommended for anyone under fifty pounds, it can have health benefits for those who exercise regularly and eat in moderation. When you’re fasting, your metabolism slows down and you’ll be able to burn stored fat instead. However, it is important to note that fasting for a full day might not be the best option for you. You should talk with a dietitian about the best time to do it to ensure that you aren’t wasting your energy.


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