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Does Fasting Help to Reduce Weight?

By Trimwell, March 6, 2022

Does Fasting Help to Reduce Weight

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The question of Does Fasting Help to Lose Weight is a common one among dieters. It’s easy to understand why many people are interested in the benefits of this ancient practice. A typical fast lasts two to six days. The longer the fast, the more carbohydrates and protein the body will burn. Aside from the health benefits, fasting also helps the body get rid of excess sodium, which lowers blood pressure.

Researchers studied a group of obese volunteers and found that those who fasted for 24 hours lost mostly non-water weight. This weight is made up of fat, and researchers found that people who fasted lost up to 90 per cent of their fat mass. In contrast, people who slowly reduced their calorie intake typically shed only about 75 per cent of their fat. While there are still some questions to be answered, this type of diet has been shown to be an effective way to lose weight.

A study at the University of Illinois, Chicago, examined two types of fasting for a period of 10 weeks. One group of participants fasted between three and seven pm, while the other group ate normally. Both groups lost moderate amounts of weight, but the difference was not statistically significant. Those on alternate-day fasting can lose up to 25 percent of their body fat. However, it’s important to understand that alternate-day calorie restriction may not work for everyone.


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