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Does Fasting Increase Weight?

By Trimwell, February 17, 2022

Whether or not fasting can increase your weight depends on your personal health. Many people believe it does, but it may actually have the opposite effect. This article explains some of the benefits and risks of fasting, as well as what to eat and avoid. Also, we will look at some of the common diet mistakes to avoid when fasting. You can use this information to make a healthy choice for your body. It will help you make an informed decision.

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Does Fasting Increase Weight

There are some health risks of fasting. It can cause muscle loss and cause a host of other health problems. Studies have shown that a regular diet containing fewer calories can lead to the same weight loss as a fasting diet with higher calorie intake. The downside of intermittent fasting is the risk of dehydration and muscle loss. This diet is best used for short periods of time, when you don’t have any special health problems.

Among the risks of fasting, you have to watch your sodium intake. If you don’t eat enough salt, your body will become dehydrated and may lose weight. A diet rich in sodium will reduce inflammation in your body when you refeed. Consuming too much can derail your fast and cause you to gain excess weight. Instead, eat a regular meal that includes proteins, vegetables, and vegetables. Besides, you must drink plenty of water and take in plenty of salt and fluids. Normally, you will gain weight after a fast.


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