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Fasting 18 Hours a Day for Weight Loss

By Trimwell, April 10, 2022

Fasting 18 Hours a Day for Weight Loss

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One of the many methods of losing weight fasting requires a complete fasting of eighteen hours a day. While you can eat anything during the fasting window, you should stay away from sugary, high-fat foods and beverages. Instead, you should eat a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and protein-rich foods like meat and poultry. Additionally, you should try drinking calorie-free beverages, such as water, to control your appetite and stay hydrated.

In order to understand how fasting 18 hours a day can help you lose weight, you should first understand how it works. The body releases a hormone called ghrelin that triggers the release of two other hormones in the hypothalamus, NPY and AgRP. These hormones suppress your hunger feelings. In addition, your body produces a hormone called leptin, which is released from your fat cells. This hormone is essential for your weight loss.

In order to reap the benefits of fasting, you must be disciplined enough to stick with it. For best results, you should fast for at least two weeks. To get used to the new lifestyle, skip breakfast and aim to eat at 12 noon. After that, you can eat a balanced lunch and dinner. Just make sure you stay hydrated! And remember to drink a lot of water!

If you are unsure of whether this fasting method will work for you, consult your doctor before undergoing a fast. Generally, fasting for 16 hours a day is safe, but it can lead to negative effects if you have a history of high blood pressure or diabetes. However, it is important to note that fasting during this time frame should be accompanied by a healthy diet plan.


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