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Fasting 18 Hours a Day For Weight Loss

By Trimwell, March 1, 2022

A fasting diet is an effective way to lose weight. You can start by fasting for only 12 hours a day and gradually work your way up to eighteen. While you are fasting, you should drink black coffee, tea, or carbonated water. If you must eat, you can choose to eat small meals. A good strategy is to eat at the same time every day.

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Fasting 18 Hours a Day for Weight Loss

The diet plan for fasting should be “clean,” which means no added fat or sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no gum, or flavored beverages. The key to weight loss is avoiding food with calories, and that includes black coffee. By drinking black coffee during the fast, you will feel more energetic and more concentrated during the day. You can also practice mindfulness and meditation to help you cope better with the fasting process.

The fasting period should not exceed eighteen hours. It should not be longer than two days. The duration of fasting varies between individuals. You can choose to fast for up to eighteen hours each day, or for as long as you wish. The only problem with intermittent-fasting is that it is difficult to follow, especially near the time you go to bed. And even if you do succeed, there are risks of nutritional deficiency. Insufficient fiber intake can lead to an increased risk of cancer and may negatively impact your digestive health.


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