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Fasting and Weight Loss Studies

By Trimwell, March 1, 2022

The results of the Fasting and Weight Loss Studies were promising. These diets help people achieve energy balance and can lead to a loss of up to 2% of body weight. It is thought that this weight loss is a result of the mobilisation of glycogen stores and water, as well as the breakdown of fat mass. In addition, fasting affects psychology. High-fat breakfast meals diminish the increased hunger felt during fasting, which makes it difficult for subjects to consume enough food to restore energy balance.

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Fasting and Weight Loss Studies

Among the 36 participants, the first group reduced its calorie intake by 25 percent. The second group, which fasted on alternate days, ate 50 percent more food than the control group. The third group, which ate 100 percent more than the controls, lost no weight. In contrast, the first group lost about the same amount of weight while the second group lost a little more muscle mass. Therefore, it was not just the amount of fat that was decreased.

The Fasting and Weight Loss Studies also investigated the metabolic effects of intermittent fasting on obese people. In a meta-analysis of 16 studies, researchers found that alternate-day fasting can lead to clinically significant weight loss and improved metabolic health in obese individuals. The researchers concluded that the effects of the regimens are similar to those of the traditional calorie-restricted diets. The results showed that the nutrient-restricted diets improved blood glucose control, reduced body fat, and improved gut microbiome function.


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