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Fasting and Weight Loss

By Trimwell, March 8, 2022

Diet is a well-known tool to lose weight, but there is also a lot of controversy surrounding the benefits of intermittent fasting. Many people are hesitant to try this method because it sounds painful or scary. But there is an easier way to lose weight: eat only when you feel hungry. The intermittent fasting diet can help you curb nighttime binge eating. In addition, it helps you burn fat.

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Fasting and Weight Loss

The benefits of fasting are numerous. While many believe it will make you feel better, a good portion of people have a hard time sticking to it. While fasting can lead to weight loss, it can also cause other problems. For example, it can leave you dehydrated. You may not feel well or experience dizziness. You may also feel fatigued and have a hard time concentrating. And you should avoid fasting if you are pregnant, have chronic diseases, or have children.

The best time to fast is between noon and 8 p.m. The average person eats two to six kilograms per month during this period. However, many people find this schedule beneficial. Not only does this schedule give them more energy, but they also experience an increase in brain function. Whether you choose a day or nighttime fast, it is important to make sure your body and mind are aligned.


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