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Fasting at Night Weight Loss

By Trimwell, April 10, 2022

Fasting at Night Weight Loss

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When it comes to losing weight, you’ve probably wondered how to start a nightly fast. After all, the idea of skipping breakfast is tempting, and you can also eat unhealthy snacks late at night. However, you’re not doing your body any favors by depriving it of fuel at night. Instead of burning those extra calories, you’ll end up storing them as fat. Fasting at night will reset your body’s natural rhythm to burn fat instead of sugar.

In addition, the body can take advantage of the energy stored in fat tissue when it’s not in use. Normally, the body uses glucose for energy, which takes 12 hours to use. If you’re fasting for 12 hours, your body turns to stored fat reserves for energy. This shift in metabolism means your body is forced to use fat tissue as energy instead. Consequently, you’ll lose weight without realizing it.

The ideal time to stop eating has long been a matter of debate. Some R.D.s have urged their weight-loss clients to eat earlier in the day and avoid snacking before bedtime. But what about those who do not want to do that? Brigham Young University researchers looked into this question. They discovered that eating just before bedtime actually led to higher weight loss than those who ate at the same time.

This method is flexible enough to fit your lifestyle. You can go as long as you want without food during the first day, and gradually increase the length of your fast. However, you’ll want to make sure you’re not too busy or have other obligations that require you to eat during this time. Fasting at night can lead to weight loss by reducing calorie intake, so consider it carefully before you start this type of diet.


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