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Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

By Trimwell, March 6, 2022

Who Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

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Glucose levels are often measured in mg/dL, or milligrams per deciliter, and should be within the range of 100-180 mg/dL for most healthy adults. High blood sugar can lead to several health problems, so it is important to know how to control it. A doctor can help you manage your blood sugar levels and prescribe medication if necessary. If you are diabetic, your doctor will be able to give you a fasting glucose test.

It is important to note that fasting blood sugar levels should be measured as soon as you wake up, two hours before or two hours after eating. The time of day and the method for testing is determined by your personal needs and goals for diabetes management. Most people do not need to test their blood sugar between meals, though some may do it if they are feeling low. Once you have reached your goal for fasting blood glucose levels, you should schedule a routine visit with your doctor.

Your blood sugar levels should be as low as possible when you are fasting. You should try to avoid high levels as much as possible. Attempting to control blood glucose levels at home will only increase your risk of diabetes. However, this approach is not recommended for people with a family history of diabetes. It is also important to keep in mind that fasting blood sugar levels can be dangerous if you are diabetic.


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