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Fasting For Detox and Weight Loss

By Trimwell, March 23, 2022

A 16-hour fast is a crucial time for cleansing the body. Since the process of digestion requires energy, the body puts deep cleansing on the back burner. A proper detox diet will reduce toxins and boost your metabolism, which will result in a healthier, slimmer you. In addition to weight loss, a fast can also improve digestive health, reduce brain fog and improve skin conditions. This article will examine the benefits of a detox diet for weight loss.

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Fasting for Detox and Weight Loss

During a fast, the body is deprived of food for up to 14 hours. Although it is not dangerous, the process of detoxification can leave you with an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants. While the body will become a fat-burning machine, it will also require a large amount of protein, fibre, and antioxidants. Therefore, it is important to consume nutrient-dense food and stay hydrated. Additionally, fasting for weight loss is not a good idea for long-term health. Instead, a healthy diet consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean sources of protein.

During a fast, a person will consume no more than three liters of water. During the fast, the body will be deprived of all but water. The water will also be removed from the body. The resulting waste product will be expelled from the body. If the body is able to eliminate excess water, it will begin to flush out toxins and cleanse. A detox diet is ideal for weight loss and overall health.


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