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Fasting Zones Zero App Review

By Trimwell, March 19, 2022

If you’re trying to lose weight, the Fasting Zones Zero App is the perfect solution. This health app is dedicated to intermittent fasting, and was designed with the goal of providing the best tools for living a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re starting a fast for the first time or are an experienced faster, Zero will provide you with expert guidance, insights, and accountability. Despite the many benefits of the app, some users complain that it’s difficult to set up a fast.

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Fasting Zones Zero App

The Zero App has many useful features. It syncs with Apple Health to keep track of your progress, and has a journaling feature to keep track of your moods and fasting progress. Another feature is the Apple Watch integration. This app works with Apple Watches, and you can track your fasting cycles on your wrist. You can even sign in using your Apple ID, so you don’t need to worry about logging in with your password or other credentials.

Zero App is free to use. The Zero Plus subscription gives you more features, including a journaling feature that allows you to write down your goals and reflect on your progress. You can also track your moods and start and end times, so you’ll know exactly when you need to eat. Moreover, the app syncs with Apple Watch and Apple Health, so you can easily log in to your Apple account without entering any personal information.


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