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How Fasting Can Help Lose Weight

By Trimwell, March 26, 2022

How Fasting Can Help Lose Weight

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One common misconception is that fasting causes you to gain weight. This is not true. It will cause you to lose weight, but the weight you lose will not last for long. The body detoxifies naturally, but it may not be permanent. You can’t stay in fasting mode for more than three days. Afterward, you’ll gain back all the pounds you lost. Fortunately, there are several ways to lose weight while fasting.

The key to successful fasting is to fast for at least eight hours. You’ll need to do this every day to experience its weight loss benefits. A study by the University of Illinois, Chicago found that an eighteen-hour fasting window was equally effective for weight loss. When you fast, your body doesn’t know what to eat and will eat less. During the day, you’ll be eating as much as you normally would, but you won’t be counting calories.

Clean fasting is one of the most popular methods for weight loss. This type of diet involves depriving your body of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. You don’t need to consume any added fat, artificial sweeteners, flavored teas, gum, or beverages with calories. By eliminating all of these, you can expect your body to start using stored fat for energy. This can result in dramatic weight loss.


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