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How Intermittent Fasting Helped Me Lose Weight

By Trimwell, May 20, 2022

Intermittent Fasting Helped Me Lose Weight

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Intermittent fasting has become an increasingly popular diet technique, spurred on by celebrity converts. Several variations of intermittent fasting have been developed, including the Eat Stop Eat diet, the Warrior diet, and the 16/8 diet. Another variation of intermittent fasting is the 5:2 diet, which involves eating normally five days a week, and dramatically limiting calories for two days.

While intermittent fasting is a proven weight-loss technique, it may also affect your exercise routine. The 5:2 diet, for example, requires you to do big workouts on non-fasting days, while the 16:8 diet requires light exercise on fasting days. Planning your exercises around the 8-hour eating window requires some thought, as it is important to plan your exercise according to your body type. Also, some people prefer to exercise on an empty stomach, while others prefer to fuel up before exercising.

In addition to limiting your intake, intermittent fasting boosts your body’s metabolic rate, which means you burn more calories. In addition, intermittent fasting reduces inflammation and helps the body heal itself. By interrupting digestion and redirecting blood flow to healing areas, you can experience the benefits of fasting. It’s worth checking out, but don’t get carried away. Is Intermittent Fasting Right For You?

The most common intermittent fasting protocols recommend exercise. Exercise not only burns body fat but also preserves muscle mass. Intermittent fasting does not require calorie counting, but calorie counting may be helpful when weight loss stalls. Ultimately, intermittent fasting should be combined with healthy eating and calorie-deficit, which will help you achieve your weight loss goals. And exercise is also a key part of this fasting diet.


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