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How Long Until Weight Loss on Intermittent Fasting?

By Trimwell, May 4, 2022

How Long Until Weight Loss on Intermittent Fasting

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While intermittent fasting isn’t as complicated as it may sound, the amount of calories you eat still matters. While you don’t have to cut out all the fat and sugar from your diet, you should still stick to a plant-based diet that’s low in calories. In addition, you should still eat your normal amount of calories during the periods you aren’t fasting. To get the most out of this plan, you should follow it for an extended period of time.

Many people who begin the fasting diet also begin a new exercise routine. However, this can actually make your hunger levels increase. This is because the fasting window isn’t enough to quench your hunger, and you may overdo it and end up taking more calories than you need. If you’re concerned about these side effects, you’ll want to stick to a fasting diet plan that allows you to exercise throughout the day.

While intermittent fasting can lead to positive results, you should remember that the fast is only a tool for gauging your progress. The scale fluctuates throughout the day. It’s best to weigh yourself at the same time each day. Aim for a one to two pound weight loss per week – that’s what experts recommend for a safe and lasting result. Even if you don’t lose weight immediately, experts suggest that you increase your water intake to two liters a day.


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