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How Much Fasting to Get Into Ketosis

By Trimwell, March 21, 2022

While fasting is essential to enter ketosis, it should be done in moderation and not overdone. You can increase the length of the fast by one hour every five days. During this time, you should drink lots of water. The water will not only help you stay hydrated, it will also distract you from your hunger pangs. If you must have a drink of caffeine, you can drink black tea or unsweetened coffee.

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How Much Fasting to Get Into Ketosis

Most people do not realize it, but fasting is not healthy. Your body is a sugar burner. Glucose is what fuels your cells, and ketone bodies are produced by your liver when you don’t eat enough. Your body can use fat as an energy source instead of glucose. So, fasting can help you achieve ketosis by burning your excess fat.

If you’re new to exercise, try walking for an hour a day. Walk at a slow pace and add more activity to your routine as you become more comfortable. It will help you enter ketosis faster. It doesn’t affect your lean muscle mass. So, you can start small and gradually increase your activity level. In a couple of weeks, you’ll love it and you’ll be amazed at how much faster you can reach ketosis!


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