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How to Do Intermittent Fasting and Lose Weight

By Trimwell, March 18, 2022

The Eat Stop Eat plan was developed by Brad Pilon and is the basis for the fasting method. It focuses on flexibility and treats fasting as a rest period. You can have as many as two 24-hour fasts per week and eat normally the rest of the time. Then, you can eat as much as you want the next day and continue the fast. The most important thing to remember is that intermittent and continuous starvation can lead to weight loss.

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How to Do Intermittent Fasting and Lose Weight

When you do intermittent fasting, you reset your digestive system. Afterward, your body will start releasing fat. Although this is not magic, it can feel like it after a while. Generally, you will fast for about six to eight hours and eat for the rest of the day. This technique is often done as a 5:2 diet. You’ll eat between 500-600 calories on the fast days and eat a full meal on the other days.

When doing intermittent fasting, you’ll find it easier to control your blood sugar levels and improve your clarity. This method allows you to maintain a stable blood sugar level by fasting between meals and allowing yourself some flexibility. Also, since fasting does not require insulin to break down fat and sugar, you won’t binge during your feeding window. The result is less hunger, less calories, and more energy.


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