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Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss Success Stories

By Trimwell, April 9, 2022

Fasting and Weight Loss Success Stories

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Intermittent fasting and weight loss are fast becoming the newest fad in America. Beauty influencer Janelle Wright lost 65 pounds in 6 months using the method. Many of us are fascinated with the latest diet crazes but don’t always know the risks. Here are some stories of people who have successfully lost weight through intermittent fasting. Read on to find out how fasting can improve your health and body.

People who fast regularly report a host of benefits. The process can increase levels of human growth hormone, which promotes muscle gain and fat burning. It also triggers cellular repair by flushing out waste materials. It has a profound effect on the genes and molecules that determine health and longevity. Whether or not you’re ready to try it, you should consult your healthcare team first. Fasting may not be for everyone. It’s not recommended for people with diabetes, eating disorders, or low blood sugar levels. Fasting should be done only with the advice of a healthcare team and only after a thorough consultation with your doctor.

Jennifer Riveira lost 105 pounds in a month after she adopted a new fasting and weight-loss plan. She struggled with weight her entire adult life, and eventually could not get on a plane due to her size. Her heart attack in 2015 reminded her that she had to make a change. She cut out added sugar from her diet, and began intermittent fasting. She also started exercising on a daily basis and is now able to keep up with her 13-year-old son.


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