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Is Fasting Okay to Lose Weight?

By Trimwell, February 26, 2022

Is Fasting Okay to Lose Weight

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Is Fasting Okay to Lose Weight?

Many people ask, “Is fasting okay to lose weight?” The truth is, it depends. According to obesity and nutrition researcher David Allison, fasting for up to 24 hours will result in losing approximately half a pound of fat in one week. But is fasting for this long really beneficial? You need to do your research before trying it. Here are some things you need to know before trying it.

o If you’re considering intermittent fasting, you should consult your doctor first. Besides, you should also drink plenty of water. And if you’re planning to fast for a long period, you need to reprogram your thought process. For example, instead of thinking of the fast as a time of deprivation, try to view it as a break from eating. Think of the time without food as a break. You don’t need to eat anything.

While fasting for 24 hours may be effective for many people, it can also be very difficult for some people. For example, the body produces ghrelin, which triggers the release of two other hormones in the hypothalamus. These hormones suppress your appetite and make you more likely to binge. While you may feel hungry during the fast, the long period without food doesn’t make you fatter.


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