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Is it OK to Train With Weights While Fasting?

By Trimwell, April 9, 2022

Weight Training During Fasting

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Many people ask themselves: “Is it OK to train with weights while fasting?” The answer to this question is probably not. It depends on the type of fasting and how much of your daily food intake you cut. Depending on how rigorous your workouts are, weight training with weights may actually promote fat oxidation. A study of twenty young women found that men training during fasting increased fat oxidation, even at low intensity. Regardless of how rigorous your training is, you should avoid letting gender dictate your training choices.

One common problem with weight training while fasting is that your body cannot absorb the protein you need for muscle growth. The lack of protein during fasting also increases the risk of catabolism, which results in a breakdown of muscle tissue. Additionally, it also leads to dehydration, which may be detrimental to your workout. However, fasting has other benefits as well. It can help you get lean and strong, but it may also decrease your energy levels.

If you’re fasting to build muscle, weight-training with a low-calorie diet will boost your body’s metabolism. Fasted weightlifters will be able to mobilize carbohydrates and fatty acids for energy instead of muscle. If your goal is to gain muscle, however, training while fasting is not recommended. Although you can still gain muscle while fasting, it will be difficult to get a full-blown workout in.


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