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Is Water Fasting Safe for Weight Loss?

By Trimwell, March 15, 2022

Is Water Fasting Safe for Weight Loss

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While some experts say that water fasting is safe for weight loss, others say it isn’t. Studies show that long-term water fasts are dangerous because people have a lower metabolism, dissolved muscle, and increased risk of fainting. While a day-long water fast is relatively harmless, a few days’ worth of water-only fasting can cause serious problems. Most people get their daily quota of water through food, so a prolonged fast can be dangerous.

People often say that water-only fasting is safe, but it has many risks. It can cause excessive weight loss, reduce your metabolism, and even damage your muscle tissue. Furthermore, if you’re on blood pressure medication, you may experience orthostatic hypotension during a water fast, which requires careful monitoring. If you’re not sure if water-only fasting is right for you, consult your doctor before starting your first program.

Despite the many benefits of water-only fasting, it’s important to remember that it can be harmful for your body. While it can help you lose weight, it may also cause you to gain unflattering skin and a sluggish energy level. In addition, it might make you appear ugly. So, it’s important to find a good diet and regular exercise to prevent weight gain.


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