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Losing Weight During Fasting – Is it Possible?

By Trimwell, March 11, 2022

Many people want to know if Losing Weight During Fasting is possible. If you are planning to participate in a 24-hour fast, you need to know what to expect. The weight loss will vary depending on the type of fast you choose. However, the main benefit of this type of fast is that you will lose non-water weight. This means that most of your body fat will be burned during this period. The following are some tips to keep in mind while fasting.

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Losing Weight During Fasting

Eating nutrient-dense foods while fasting will help reduce the caloric intake and fill you up. You can eat unhealthy food in moderation, but you need to make sure you eat earlier in the day. To eat earlier, you should eat at least one hour before the time when your body is most active. Alternate-day fasting is another popular method, which consists of fasting one day and eating 500 calories the next. You can also incorporate two non-consecutive days of fasting in your week.

Women lose weight during fasting more slowly than men. This is because their metabolic rate is slower than men’s. A fuller body tends to lose more weight. Carrington concluded that a healthy body tends to lose more weight during a fast than an unhealthy one. This means that women should not try to lose more than 1 kg per day. When you are full, it is more difficult to maintain weight during a fast.


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