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Losing Weight With Intermediate Fasting

By Trimwell, February 15, 2022

The study conducted by David Allison, a nutrition and obesity researcher, revealed that weight loss and blood pressure were significantly reduced with intermediate fasting. The time-restricted diet group also lost 3 percent more weight than the control group. Its sample size was small, but it had a high drop-out rate – only 26 percent. The researchers also found that people who followed a strict diet routine did not experience any problems with their body’s metabolism.

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Losing Weight With Intermediate Fasting

There are many types of intermediate fasting, so it’s important to select the right plan for you. To make sure you lose weight safely, plan your meals and snacks. If you must eat out, bring a food box for yourself. You can plan your snacks in advance to help you eat a healthy lunch and dinner during your fast. Then, refuel your body with water instead of food.

The best time to do an intermediate fasting is when you feel most hungry. This is because you’ll be eating very little food on your fast day. You’ll be hungry for a few hours, and you’ll be craving carbs and sugar. By keeping your meals small, you’ll be able to burn more fat while burning more calories. This will result in a noticeable weight loss. If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and are looking for a solution, consider trying the Every Other Day Diet or the 16-Hour Diet.


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