Nutrigo Lab Burner is a food supplement addressed to persons who want to lose weight .

Nutrigo Lab Burner is a food supplement addressed to persons who want to lose weight and shape their figure.  The product contains 6 ingredients, which are considered to be natural fat tissue reducers.  The Nutrigo Lab Burner food supplement is especially recommended for athletes who want to quickly lose excess kilograms and expose their muscles.

Nutrigo Lab Burner helps to reduce body fat and prevents its storage.  Regular use of the capsules helps reduce the appetite and maintain normal blood glucose levels.  The effectiveness of the supplement is primarily influenced by the SINETROL® Xpur component, which increases the rate of release of fatty acids and glycerol.

It is worth noting that the formula of the supplement was created based exclusively on natural plant extracts and minerals.  As a result, the product is safe for the body.


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