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Weight Lifting While Fasting

By Trimwell, April 26, 2022

Weight Lifting While Fasting

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While it’s not advisable to start a workout while fasting, you can begin your training when you’re on a day of rest. Fasting allows your body to adapt to the fasting state and learn how to use the energy it has more efficiently. Although you may experience a slight reduction in weight, this should subside quickly. You can also continue to train using lower weights while fasting. Just be sure to avoid heavy workouts on fasting days, which will starve your muscles of nutrition.

One of the benefits of weight lifting while fasting is that it increases fat burning. This happens due to the fact that muscle glycogen is used more efficiently during fasting than glucose. Moreover, the intensity of your exercise will determine which fuel source your body will use – fast running or heavy lifting will use stored muscle glucose instead of fat. Nonetheless, you should be aware of some disadvantages when you decide to lift while fasting.

Another problem with weight lifting on an empty stomach is that it is uncomfortable. While it is not recommended for those with digestive problems, a heavy workout can be a good idea for those with no other options. However, you should consult a trainer if you plan on doing heavy weightlifting. Performing a workout on an empty stomach may not be the best option, especially if your fasting schedule is a strict one. However, this is still an effective way to build muscle and improve general movement.


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