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Weight Loss Fasting For 5 Days

By Trimwell, May 30, 2022

Weight Loss Fasting for 5 Days

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During the first week of the Fast, you’ll be hungry. This is normal and can be managed if you keep a busy schedule and consume plenty of water and flavorful foods. If you’re prone to hunger, try breathing mindfully and observing your bodily sensations without acting. You’ll probably be hungry at night, so avoid eating before bed. It’s best to avoid giving in to the cravings and simply accept them as part of the fasting experience.

Autophagy, or the process of breaking down stored fat, begins during the fast. The body begins to burn fats for energy after 18 to 24 hours of fasting. This process preserves lean muscle mass. Fasting for five days led to a loss of 5.5 pounds in LifeOmic employees. That’s about 3% of their total body weight. During this time, your body’s fat-burning capacity reaches a high point.

During the first day of the Fast, you’ll go through a transition into a fasting state. During the first day, you’ll probably feel hungry, with ghrelin and hunger hormones spiking. Once you’re fasting for the duration of two to five days, the vast majority of your blood glucose will be used for energy. This is tough to do because you’ve been psychologically programmed to crave food. Nonetheless, resisting hunger can prevent your blood insulin from spiking and cause your body to switch to fat stores.

After 16 hours, your breath and blood ketones begin to rise, signaling the liver to start burning fats. The process of fat-burning and cellular clean-up continues, even after the five-day Fast. During this time, you may experience a dip in energy, but the results are permanent. The fasting process begins the day after you stop eating, and your body is preparing itself for the process of ketosis.


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