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Weight Training During Fasting – Should You Eat After Your Workout?

By Trimwell, February 27, 2022

Weight Training During Fasting

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Weight Training During Fasting – Should You Eat After Your Workout?

One of the most common questions people ask about weight training during fasting is if you should eat after your workout. While some might argue that it is not necessary, a few benefits of weight training during fasting include improved performance, enhanced fat burning, and enhanced longevity. Of course, there are a few factors to consider before starting any new workout routine, including your fitness goal, your body mass, the type of exercise, and how long you exercise. For these reasons, you should consult your doctor first before attempting to perform any type of weight training during fasting.

Before beginning a fasted workout, consult your physician about the best time to workout. You should aim to do it about an hour after iftar or before the evening Taraweeh prayer. You should avoid high-intensity interval training, which will cause the body to burn glycogen stores instead of fat. In addition, high-intensity interval training with weights may cause dehydration and fatigue. In order to prevent this, you should consume a healthy source of carbohydrates and protein after a fasted workout.

If you’re working out during a fasting window, you may experience some muscle tissue loss. As a result, your workout will be less intense in the morning. As the body adjusts to a different time of day, it will become stronger over time. If you prefer morning workouts, lighten up your lift before eating. You’ll get the best results when you listen to your body’s signals and eat a balanced diet.


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