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When Fasting, Autophagy Starts

By Trimwell, March 21, 2022

When Fasting, autophagy is triggered by the body’s need to recycle old cells. The process occurs in our body and can prevent aging and disease. However, experts disagree on the optimal length of fasting for autophagy. In fact, research has found that this period of time may depend on individual physiology and metabolism. Some people spike their autophagy after just eight hours of fasting while others might not have the same results until 16 to 18 hours. The amount of autophagy that a person experiences will vary because everyone’s chemistry is different and their bodies are subjected to different levels of stress.

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When Fasting When Does Autophagy Start

It is also important to monitor electrolyte levels during a fast. In particular, sodium, magnesium, and calcium should be consumed during the fast. Without them, people may feel dizzy or have a headache. Ideally, fasting should last only for two days, but a forty- or 48-hour fast will be most beneficial. During the first 24 hours, you’ll have most of the cellular processes induced by autophagy.

Fasting can cause autophagy, a process in which cells remove or replace dead or dysfunctional components. It also helps the body fight infection, regulate inflammation, and bolsters the immune system. A lack of autophagy has been associated with illnesses like schizophrenia and depression. A fast induced by starvation can also be harmful to patients with cancer. But, once you know how autophagy works, it will be much easier for you to start your own program.


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