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Why Is Intermittent Fasting Not Losing Weight Anymore?

By Trimwell, May 24, 2022

Intermittent Fasting Not Losing Weight Anymore

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Are you wondering why you’re not losing weight on your intermittent fasting plan? It may be because you chose an IF plan that doesn’t fit your lifestyle or boost a specific metabolic rate. Or, maybe you’re an endurance athlete who can’t skip the morning meal. No matter what the case, here are a few possible causes of IF failure. If intermittent fasting isn’t working for you, consult a registered dietitian.

First of all, you may not be getting adequate calories during your intermittent fasting. That’s a common reason why people fail to lose weight during intermittent fasting. It may also be because they’re not getting the right nutrients during the fasting period. Your body needs three to six weeks to start burning fat efficiently. Another common cause of weight gain during intermittent fasting is a lack of sleep. Avoid artificial sweeteners and hidden carbs. After you’ve adjusted to your fasting schedule, you should start seeing initial weight loss. Some people take a couple of weeks to adapt to the new eating pattern and lose weight.

A year-long study of 139 people found that intermittent fasting wasn’t any more effective than cutting calories. The researchers recruited volunteers aged 18-75 with a BMI between 28 and 45. They found that while the plan is popular, it’s not more effective than other weight loss strategies. It might even hinder muscle mass. It may be best to stick with a weight loss plan that fits your schedule and habits.


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