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Will Fasting 16 Hours a Day Help Me Lose Weight?

By Trimwell, April 29, 2022

Will Fasting 16 Hours a Day Help Me Lose Weight

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Often times, we don’t even realize we’re fasting. Some of us even sleep in on weekends and have late brunches. Others might skip breakfast altogether, but a study conducted on overweight participants found that this method may help them lose weight. During this time, they should drink plenty of water and avoid eating anything after noon. During this time, their appetites are reduced and their body weight falls.

The 16-hour fasting diet, or intermittent fasting, is an effective way to shed some pounds and increase your energy. It works by breaking your day into two eight-hour periods. During the fasting hours, you must consume only unsweetened beverages, and during the eight-hour meal period, you can eat a full meal. But you should avoid snacking during this time, as you might feel hungry and lose motivation.

However, intermittent fasting may have risks and side effects. It can be particularly harmful for women, as it can negatively impact their fertility. Those with an eating disorder should avoid this diet plan. It has also been associated with a higher risk of depression and anxiety. Also, people with an eating disorder should avoid it, as fasting can trigger an eating disorder. Despite the benefits, intermittent fasting should be treated as a short-term fix and not a permanent lifestyle change.


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